Sniffing Out Scottsdale

Bob Nathan
Bob Nathan
Published on December 11, 2017

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Sniffing out Scottsdale: Dog Etiquette Tips When Buying and Selling a Home

Whether you have your sights set on Scottsdale or you are relocating elsewhere within the city, if you were to ask a fellow Scottsdalian why they love their home there would be no shortage of reasons why. The dry heat makes the weather perfect year-round, and the outdoor environment such as the lush, desert trailheads of the Sonoran Preserve or the sprawling acres of Eldorado Park will enable you and your pooch to take advantage of it. The city has a thriving arts and museum culture that the two of you can get lost in together such as the Calvin Charles Gallery or the Legacy Gallery. Add to that the abundance of urban communities such as DC Ranch and Silverleaf, and Scottsdale is the perfect place to call home, but if you need more convincing, just ask Bob Nathan.

Scottsdale sounds like the perfect place for dog-friendly living, and it is, but before the adventure can begin you have two big tasks – selling your current home and buying another. Fido might be ready to tackle this new adventure, but the tips below will highlight the parts of the adventure he is better off sitting out on.

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Before you bring in your real estate agent for a walkthrough of your home, you’ll want to give your humble abode a good, deep clean as well as a doggy purge. Start by opening all the windows to give your home a chance to air out before tackling smells. Keep in mind that you may be immune to the scent, so have a friend or family member come in to offer an unbiased opinion. Rather than mask the smell, tackle it at its source by using odor neutralizers, washing bedding, changing out bathroom pads, and giving your carpet and upholstery a shampoo job. While your home is on the market, it will be also be a good idea to vacuum your home daily to avoid pet hair build-up.

To cut down on the cleaning, consider boarding your pooch or dropping him off at daycare. Not only will the home stay clean, but quite simply it is good manners for both you and your dog to be out of the home during showings. Plus, with your dog out of the home, it will be easier to put away all items associated with him such as bed, toys, food/water bowls, etc. to avoid tipping off potentially sensitive buyers to the fact that your home has a furry resident.


Your new home will be your dog’s home too, so it makes sense that you’d want him to join you on your search. However, it is best to leave him home at first. If you find a home that has big potential, you can then talk with your realtor about scheduling a second showing with your pooch. Speaking of your realtor, make sure you communicate with them about the importance of a pet-friendly home and area so that you can avoid wasting your time on homes that simply won’t be a good fit such as due to the lack of yard or high street traffic.

Once you find the perfect home, don’t forget to help your dog adjust. Moving is stressful, not to mention a big change, so consider using a boarder or sitter when movers will be in and out of the home to keep your pooch away from the chaos. Make sure to stick to routines as much as possible, and make any necessary changes gradually. Once you arrive at the new home, try to mimic a familiar environment by placing bedding, food, and water in places similar to the old home. Above all else, give your pooch lots of loving.

Whether you are buying, selling, or both, don’t forget to mind your manners by keeping your doggy etiquette front and center. Scottsdale awaits, and you’ll be falling in love with your new home in no time. Contact Bob Nathan for all of your real estate needs in Scottsdale.


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